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Mobile Office Solutions

Providing remote office and mobile connectivity solutions from a vast range of devices and mediums so you can communicate with colleagues and clients. You never have to be disconnected or miss a vital opportunity.

Access to information such as email, anytime, anywhere is vital to the operation of most organisations today. Access to this information maybe from a laptop, pda, blackberry or smartphone. We offer a range of solutions across a number of mediums and devices to enable you access to your office systems.

We understand that security should be the top most priority when accessing information remotely. We ensure that all information is transmitted using the highest level of security. Some of the solutions include;

  • VPN and VPN Tunnel's (Including SSL VPN)
  • Remote workplace including Terminal Services
  • Mobile communication via Nokia, Symbian, Windows, Blackberry, etc.,
  • Secure webmail systems
  • Intranet publishing

Whatever the requirement we have s solution to connect you to your office. If you require inter-office connectivity from branch offices, availibilty to work from home or on the road, simply need mail delivered right to your mobile device we have a solution that fits all.

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