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Support is only a click away. As part of all our managed services you have instant access to a dedicated helpdesk where all issues are resolved effectivilty and efficiently.

We have made significant investment in our dedicated HelpDesk support system. All I.T. related issues are logged either online via the easy to use web interface or by simply sending an email directly to the helpdesk.

The intuitive interface allows easy submitting and tracking of existing and past issues along with your billing information.

Many issues can be resolved through the helpdesk either by telephone, email or remote access. If the issue cannot be resolved by these methods a site visit is scheduled. The progress and status of the issue is available online and updates are automatically received via email.

Issues are logged on a ticket based system which, is very easy to use. Each issue is given a tracking ID, similar to a job reference. You can view your log of past issues, billing, reponses, etc., all from the online interface.

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