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 Overview of Managed Services

IT Managed Services

We have created 3 options for you to choose from our Managed Services solutions. Each option gives you the flexiblity and control that suits the size and demands of your organisation.

1. Blocktime

Blocktime allows you to purchase a minimum of 10 hours of engineering time, at a reduced rate. You can utilise this time as you please and allocate it to installs, break/fix or maintenance tasks. Click here for more on blocktime.

2. Remote Support

We install dedicated remote control software on all your computers and servers. This reduces the time needed on-site, increases response time and you avail of a remote rate. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely then a site visit is scheduled. Click here for more information on remote support.

3. Preventive Maintenance

This option provides full comprehensive cover for your system. A fixed annual charge for your system allows you to budget for your IT maintenance. We provide on-site visits, remote support, telephone support, dedicated helpdesk and much more. Click here for more information on our maintenance contracts.

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